The Atlantis factories are two of the largest seafood processing factories in South Africa with 11 000 square meters under roof, and a staff complement of over 500. But that’s not the most remarkable thing about it.


Situated about 60km north of Cape Town in the heart of Atlantis’ industrial area, the factory was established in 2006, providing hundreds of jobs to the people of Atlantis and contributing towards the economic empowerment of this poverty-stricken community.

The choice of location was no accident. The town of Atlantis was formed in the 1970’s under the apartheid government, designated for the coloured community of Cape Town under the Group Areas Act. Many of the inhabitants were moved from District 6.

The founders of Atlantis Foods Holdings made a key decision to build their business and factory around this disadvantaged community. This vision was for the future potential empowerment and upliftment of the area. The more we grow, the more work we provide for the people of Atlantis. More than that, we have ensured that the employees are also business owners, with a solid footing for their futures. Today, the factories employ over 500 people from the community, impacting a further 2 150 family members and extended family members, who are supported by the factories’ employees.


In a landmark decision, both seafood processing factories were sold to two Employee Trusts – Atlantis Seafood Products in 2016, and Khanyisile Fishing in 2019. These broad-based BEE transactions resulted in 100% of the companies’ economic rights being transferred to the Atlantis community members, the majority being previously disadvantaged black women.


The state-of-the-art facilities comply with the highest food safety standards certifications, including HACCP, EU accreditation, IFS (International Featured Standards), ISO14001 (Environmental Standards), Halaal, Kosher, MSC/ASC chains of custody, OHS and the Spanish Retail Decalogue food safety criteria.